HAND is an acronym for “Have A Nice Day!”
From the beginning our idea was simple: to satisfy our curiosity.
We were intrigued by the art of soap making, the idea of creating a fun, quality product, combined with our interest for organic plant-based cosmetics.
It’s a complex process, which has required several years of work before satisfying our initial curiosity.
We discovered how to produce high quality soaps, learned how to choose fragrances and how to comply
with the stringent standards that define an organic product.
Because, in the end, our goal was to develop a product that would greet us, every morning, naturally.
Introducing HAND, our product line to wish you “Have A Nice Day!”

My name is Luigi Zelano. I’m from Turin, Italy and the owner of HAND.
During university I did a course related to saponification ,which fascinated me. In fact my own business began with soaps.
When I set up the company in 2010 I did a completely different job. Despite this, I decided to change to follow an idea.
Which was cosmetics.
I found myself faced with a choice of having to decide the type of cosmetics I wanted to make.
Following my passion for plants and nature in general , it seemed obvious that I didn’t have many choices.
I choose the natural and organic path.
I didn’t and don’t have a laboratory where to realize my ideas.
So I started looking around to find a supplier, I found people who, like me, are lovers of nature and, moreover, make every effort to ensure an organic standard.
I eventually found a supplier who can make natural certified organic products, which are not tested on animals.
So little by little I abandoned my daily life as an accountant to devote more and more time to my cosmetic line.
I started with soaps with three different scents and today HAND is growing and desires to make it products and quality known.