Bar Soaps



The brand that wishes you a nice day, and that your day begins and ends on a pleasant note by starting your personal care routine with soaps made following a unique and natural recipe.



Exclusive organic ingredients soften the skin. Plant-based surfactants like palm and coconut oil guarantee a thick, luscious lather.
The addition of natural shea butter (that has not undergone saponification) ensures all its beneficial soothing and moisturizing properties are retained.



Our fragrances are inspired by the Mediterranean region. Aromas of blooming lavender, citrus and fig fill the air during warmer periods of the year and create a relaxing atmosphere. This was our inspiration for giving HAND soaps these memorable summer scents.


sapone-ficoHAND organic soaps sweetly awaken you in the morning and greet you in the evening, helping to drive away the stress and fatigue of the day.





The new Fragrances, mint, orange blossom and pomegranate, are inspired by the scents of the Italian peninsula, from the north to the south, emulating the colors of the Italian flag.

sapone-menta_300x240Mint: Intense and fragrant, a fresh and persistent wind to give energy to your day.






sapone-fioriarancio_300x240Orange flowers: the most distinctive and delicate, soft and caressing scent.





sapone-melogr_300x240Pomegranate: rich and energizing, red and smooth like a sunset over the Mediterranean.